Which jewellery to take on holiday?

Here’s a thing.  You’ve worked hard all year.  You’ve booked a holiday. You’re staying in a high-class resort or maybe you’re going on a cruise around the Med?

You being you, are organised and have planning ahead. You’ve been shopping online for certain clothes and the rest will be on a trip to the shopping centre. Maybe meet a friend, grab a coffee or perhaps some lunch too. You have your holiday cosmetics in an online basket but not checked out yet just incase you remember something else you need. You are ready and deserve this time out.

The above scenario a pattern of behavour all too familiar to me, my girlfriend, friends and family. We’re all pretty much the same when it comes down to it. But what do you do about holiday jewellery? What do you take? All of it, just a few pieces, 3 pairs of earrings, your tennis bracelet?  Questions questions questions.

In my experience, ladies tend to do one of the following things.  They either take what they are wearing and stick to just that.  Some will leave it all at home and just take their fashion jewellery.  Or others will take a few items and wrap them in socks or have them loose in hand luggage.

At Luxury Watch Winders we have jewellery storage for both home and travel. Why not take multiple pieces of jewellery with you on your travels as you do with clothes, shoes and accessories? If you have beautiful jewellery or special sentimental items then why not wear them and feel a million dollars?

With the correct travel jewellery storage such as a zip case or jewellery roll, you can do just that. Precious items are separated, protected and stored in the correct manner so as not to get damaged. And, they fit in your hand bag or hand luggage so will always be next to you.

Enjoy your jewellery even more by taking it with you to fabulous places in a beautiful and safe manner.

Jewellery storage solutions from Luxury Watch Winders.