Watch Winder Turns Per Day Requirement

The job of a watch winder is to allow an automatic watch to continue to run when not being worn. In doing so, the watch movement lubricants continue to be circulated helping avoid excessive wear and tear. By using a quality watch winder with a luxury automatic watch, expensive service intervals can be delayed.

Watch brands tend not to recommend specific watch winders or turns per day. In my previous days of running a watch repair chain, I can conform that every workshop and watch brand I or my watchmakers visited, used watch winders. This was the case both in the UK and in Switzerland.

TPD or numbers of turns per day is a consideration and part of the process when choosing which luxury watch winder is best for your watch. Below is a guide that will be helpful in this decision-making process in terms of what to look for with 3 key watch brands.

Breitling Automatic Watches

Look for 650-800 TPD and a winder that is able to rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise

Tag Heuer Automatic Watches

A watch winder that can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise and achieve 650, 700 and 850 TPD (turn per day)

Omega Automatic Watches

Co-Axial circa 650 TPD

Auto Chrono’s circa 650-700 TPD

3-Hand Automatics circa 650 TPD

For a definitive answer to your watch requirements, please email or call us.