What is the best way to store jewellery?

To answer this question, we should first consider what type of jewellery is being stored? Is it gemstone jewellery, diamond rings, gold chains, stone set brooches, earrings or just fashion and costume jewellery? Whatever the jewellery type, let’s discuss how jewellery is stored in the absence of special jewellery storage solutions.

The most common way jewellery is kept is either ‘on the side’ or in a drawer. Both of these are OK but far from ideal for several reasons. When keeping jewellery on the side in the bedroom, it is likely to be knocked off and possibly lost is say a small diamond earring. By not putting jewellery away, it also picks up dirt, dust and contaminants, all of which are far from ideal when it comes to the storage of precious items.

Another common way of storing jewellery if you don’t have a jewellery box is in a drawer. This is better than just leaving it out however is not ideal. Pieces move around, chains can get tangled and earrings can be hard to see.

A final and common way of jewellery storage is on a jewellery tree. This is an upright stand with branches allowing different pieces to be hung or displayed in numerous positions. This is good for fashion and customer jewellery storage but, precious and fine jewellery surely deserves better doesn’t it?

Jewellery storage is varied in types but a most important accessory to own. Its job is to keep your prized possessions organised, in one place, separated, stored correctly, and protected from light, dust and dirt. Jewellery storage should also be elegant, a thing of beauty that reflects what is being kept inside.
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