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SwissKubiK SK01.CV002 Cognac Leather Masterbox


Elegant and masculine, our Masterbox collection has everything going for it: its Toledo leather casing, renowned for its exceptional quality, is available in several timeless shades. A Kubik with a unique natural touch, whose casing acquires a unique patina over time to reveal all its beauty. This brown leather Masterbox watch winder with white topstitch is a true collectible item and deserves to house, wind, and maintain the very best Swiss watches.


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For watch lovers.

As you can imagine, there is better storage for your mechanical watch than the edge of a sink! Because your watch may have been designed to accompany you in your daily life, but it is up to you, the proud owner, to take care of it at its true value.

Imagine how vulnerable your watch is when you’re not wearing it. On a dresser, a child pushes it around; in a cupboard, a pile of laundry staggers and drops it; or in the bathroom, toothpaste splashes on the leather strap. Not to mention the variations in humidity and temperature as well as the dust that this type of storage generates, all of which are not recommended for a mechanical movement. Opt instead for maximum caution.

A watch winder, is an excellent option for storage. Not only does your mechanical automatic watch remain protected from dust and scratches, but the rotating support keeps it perfectly wound and on time. The movement of the watch thus continues to run, without the risk of the oils and greases used
for its lubrication starting to stick. Icing on the cake (or cabochon on the crown!), a rotating case such as a Startbox allows you to admire your (almost) sleeping beauty.

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Dimensions : 12 x 12 x 12 cm
  • Stops in a vertical position
  • Works on battery (3 years autonomy)
  • 3-years international warranty
  • Exclusive, modern and contemporary design
When a timepiece is not worn, the easiest way to protect it from shocks, scratches, water, dust, etc. is its case or its watch winder. Regular cleaning is also a good protection against daily aggression or the passage of time.
If the watch is not worn regularly, it is advisable to place the timepiece in a watch winder. In addition, regular inspection of the seal by an authorised watchmaker guarantees it functions properly and maintains its value.
Sophisticated system of great precision, an automatic watch is also a beautiful piece of work that we like to wear and admire. Apart from your wrist, what better place to highlight it than a watch winder?

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm




3 Year Manufacturer Worldwide Warranty


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